Empowering you through number knowledge to build a business that succeeds.

Hello and welcome

Hi I’m Debbie

My mission is to develop your confidence in your business finances and number literacy so your business can succeed.

If you have found me then I guess you are a business owner or an entrepreneur who maybe finds the finance side of your business daunting (scary even) or you want to gain a better understanding of what the numbers are telling you.

Well I’m here to help and guide you, because my passion is empowering entrepreneurs to start and grow the business they desire by giving them an understanding their business numbers. I am a qualified ACA accountant who has spent over 20 years working with founder entrepreneurs in a finance capacity and for the last 10 years I have run my own consultancy business and worked as a freelancer.

So, whether you are looking to go freelance; grow your side hustle; launch that great business idea or grow your existing business, I have you covered. I can help you have the right structure and processes in place; gain a better understanding of what your numbers are telling you and help you thrive financially so you can have the business of your dreams.

How can we support you on your entrepreneurial journey?

Do you have an amazing business idea but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to go freelance but don’t know what you need in place or what the rules are?

Do you have a side hustle you want to grow and professionalise?

Do you have an existing business but feel a lack of understanding about the numbers is holding you back?

Well we have you covered. Click below for FREE resources to start your journey towards financial confidence.

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